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I don't know if the Centerforce is any better or worse than the clutch from the Boss 302 but it may have a somewhat lighter pedal feel. I just don't see the need to spend ~$600 on a clutch when there's something else that will do the job perfectly fine for less money. You don't need to get too carried away with a clutch for a GT making near factory power. The factory clutch is perfectly capable and the Boss 302 clutch is a relatively inexpensive and mild upgrade in holding capacity. Yours failed catastrophically and it's hard to say why but it's bound to happen once in a while.

Both engines are internal balance and the flywheels are neutral balanced so there won't be any balancing issues. My understanding is that the 2012-2014 cars don't need a flywheel swap. If locating pins are different then they can be pulled and replaced without replacing flywheels.
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