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Gas Tanks

Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
They aren't actually in the car. The access covers are under the car. There is just a removable boot under the rear seat. This is quite common as well.
Hell. Blazin72.

Thanks. That explains things better.

Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
Holy ****, Rip Van Winkle, where ya been for the last 40+ years?
I have always had older used "practical" cars and acted rather out of character when I bought a new 2016 Mustang GT. This car is quite a bit different than any car that I have had previously (to put it mildly).

It has, for example, "coil on plug ignition". I looked that up to see what it was and found that the car has no spark plug wires. Wow! Then I read that "this has been common since the 1990's." Wow!

I really need a Haynes or Chiltons service manual for this car, but no one seems to have published one yet .

Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
You want to talk safety in this car? I walked out, yes, walked out of this rollover with two cracked ribs.
Whew! You right door really hit something hard. I am glad that you were not seriously injured.

Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
The tank in this car is ABS plastic and placed in the strongest part of the floor pan, with the axle on one side and trans and engine on the other and steel panels around it. It's as well fortified as any part on the car. Those access ports are just that, access to the sealed and lock ringed parts beneath them, If gas was to try to get inside that way, the entire passenger tub would have to be crushed like a beer can.

That all sounds good. I need to read more about the "ABS plastic" gas tanks, though. When did the industry switch from steel gas tanks to plastic? Plastic would be better than steel in regards to corrosion. I need to look up the melting temperature of ABS plastic.

That was an issue which caused this recall: "The second recall is for the 2015 Ford Mustang with a 2.3 liter engine. If the underbody is too hot for too long, the fuel tank and vapor lines can degrade which could result in a fuel leak and cause a fire." See: Ford recalls 442,500 vehicles for fuel tank, steering problems

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