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Yeah, MT82 Brembo brake package car. Off the top I don't recall what 60 was at, somewhere around 2k, the 6th OD was pretty deep on the car. The engine, untuned, was really dead until 3000 rpm but, after tuning it, the massive grunt of the Procal tune woke the bottom end up A LOT.

You can shift short, start in any gear up the 3rd on the MT82 or you can let it eat a bit. I found it was fine with any of these options. The directness of the short low ratios and the 3.73 made the car a fun little toy around town...kind of a shotgun on casters but it was hilarious. The auto I have now is a little less aggressive, obviously but, it can get its act together pretty well when handled right.

2014 Premium GT, SGM, Brembo, Auto, Tech, Comfort, etc. GT500s, Steeda UCA, VMP auto tune, 100 shot on BBR tune, best et: 11.38 at 120.85

2012 GT, Candy Red, Brembo, 3.73, Tech, Comfort, etc. Procal tune, Roush upper, UMI LCAs, Steeda red bracket, GT500s, 28X10X16 Hoosier slicks, best et: 11.91 at 115.23 RIP
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