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Gonna spring for the Ford power pack!

Originally Posted by MarkMartinez View Post
OK men, bottom line! What kind of HP increase can I expect from a custom tune from VMP, Lund, BAMA, Brenspeed etc.? 2011 GT/CS auto. Bone stock. stock intake with paper filter. I run 91 octane all the time. With tune added only. Besides the better drivability of the car and torque, how much mor HP? 6-10 HP ?

Yes in the real world I would bet that's a safe estimate, maybe as much as 15 but I bet that's on the upper limit. All of the "custom" mail order tunes for a stock motor are going to be about the same so go with whichever is cheapest. Have them change the shift points and the fan settings while you're at it. The tune will help but it won't make you're car fast enough to outrun or tie anyone that would previously blow your doors off. We're talking about hundredths to a couple tenths knocked off of your 1/4 mi e/t.

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