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OP: Is there a dyno shop in your area? If so I'd go that route vs mail order. Even if the mail order guys do ask questions about mods etc it's still just an educated guess.
Is the dyno tune going the way of the dinosaur? The canned tunes aren't all that much cheaper and the tune/cai combo packs are like $800 aren't they? The first time I got tuned I think it cost around $700. I had to buy the chip and then they charge for the guy to fart around on the laptop as well as an hourly rate for sitting on the dyno. The other two times they charged around $200, the "tune" was "free" (they didn't charge for the guy to d!ck around on his laptop) the just charged and hourly rate for the car being on the dyno. If y'all had the option wouldn't you rather have a guy seeing what's going on in realtime and making adjustments accordingly vs having a chip sent to you that they send everyone else w a cai, etc?

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