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My wife and I often say, "is it bad to like nice cars this this Much" Lol. Unfortunately we have plenty of daily costs anymore that don't let us just spend whatever we want on cars. We always end up buying used but at a higher level. Much rather have a 2 year old used 25000 Mustang gt vs a brand new honda civic. Yeah it doesn't make sense money wise to some but I like to enjoy everytime I start the car. Also I get the advice to just get a cheap car to drive everyday and take the nice car out for 5000 miles a year. Good idea but then harder to justify a 25000 car and only drive little. So I always do the research to see what Bang for the Buck is my best option that will generally not leave me with big surprises. I like having a car that I don't don't worry one minute about how many miles I put on it over 8 years. I felt that way with my Infiniti g35. Fun, good looking and 160000 miles was no problem. I now have the audi and I do worry about mileage and drive as little as possible in fear of a DSG trans problem or a Magnetic shock getting blown out in our lovely Pa. roads. So I'm now in the middle of my Best Bang for the buck option. G37 looks too pretty, 370z 2 seats plus my first car was an 82 GT bought a crashed 88 Gt and transferred the parts over and still remember those days.

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