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Gonna spring for the Ford power pack!

Originally Posted by scottmach View Post
Did you not read what I posted? It's not a canned tune if you data log the car and submit them to your tuner. Tuning on the street is now the way to go and that's real time info you're gathering. A dyno with an o2 sensor shoved up the tailpipe is a thing of the past and frankly will not give an accurate reading. I tune my own stuff and do it all on the street.

Ah it's a "remote tune" then. So one has to either buy the data logging stuff or rent it from the remote tuner. What does that run and is really worth the extra cost for a stock car w bolt-ons..?
So often are you making tuning adjustments? Are you buying new parts each week that require a tune? Is this a race car that you take to different parts of the country so you have to make adjustments for weather, altitude, and such? Or do you have a street car and maybe it's a little muggy out today so you "fine tune" it so it won't ping on the way to 7-11?

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

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