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You're not the only old guy here with a '14 GT and a manual transmission. I am less than two weeks away from my 72 nd. birthday. My '14 GT is the first car I've owned with both a hydraulically actuated clutch and fly by wire throttle. All my other manual cars have had mechanically actuated clutches and throttles. I have just a tick over 15,000 miles on my GT and I am still not as comfortable with the way the clutch and throttle works as I am with my older Mustang and my '72 'Cuda, especially on heel and toe downshifts. That said I don't have anything that would be described as a shudder. Usually when a person experiences a shudder when operating the clutch it's generally the result of either too little throttle or a warped disc or oil contamination of the disc. Given the low miles on your car and the way you describe your driving style, I would bet you're being a little too light on the throttle occasionally. This isn't hard to do with a hydraulic clutch and fly by wire throttle. IMO neither has the direct feel of a mechanical setup. Just as a side note not all of us "more mature[?]" drivers are as gentle in their driving habits as you said you are. I found out in the first day I owned the car that the rev limiter hits at 6,800 rpm, not the 7,000 that I thought was the case. I live in SW. Il. and come to St.Louis often so maybe I'll run into you sometime. If by chance you discover that it is a mechanical defect it would be helpful to post it and let everyone here know what the problem was. Good luck and enjoy your car.

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