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I have over 55,000 miles on my 2011 convertible. The engine is still running strong. Two issues I've had is the transmission had the shift flare between 2 and 3 and Ford refused to apply TSB 11-11-11 so I went to a transmission shop and got it done for $500. The second issue is the suspension sags in the front end which has been causing wheel and alignment problems. I plan on upgrading to a Roush suspension in the coming months to correct that.

The main issue I have with Ford is their warranty might as well be written on toilet paper. Good luck actually getting them to fix anything under warranty. Their Customer Service hotline is a joke where you call them and they pretend to care, then you never hear back. Call them back and they play the transfer game with you before just hanging up. It was a lawyer who recommend I just pay for the repairs that Ford refused to honor under the terms of their warranty.

I think the used Mustangs are the best deal right now. Everyone is gaga over the Euro styled 2015+ that the bottom has fallen out on the S197s. My 2011 Premium Convertible GT is blue booked at under $20K! Lots of choices sitting on lots these days and you can also find good deals on older 2007-2010 GT500s.

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