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I'm having problems...again..with my 2014 Mustang now also. It idles so low at times (around 250) with black smoke coming out of the pipes. When it starts this, it also starts jolting in first gear when coming off a stop. I have taken it in multiple times only to be told they can find nothing wrong and they find no codes. The first time I had the problem they found nothing. the second time the replaced something on my Cat. it has happened THREE times, the latest being last Saturday. I took it straight to the dealership. Again was told if the check engine light does not come on then there is nothing they can do. I don't know a lot about the mechanics of cars, but I do know when something is wrong with my car! I miss my dad at times like these. you could tell him what it was doing and he'd fix it. These people are telling me that cant be done anymore.... which is sad because now I am outside the 36000 mile portion of my warranty.
I have called Ford themselves and have been given a case number, so I am hoping they do something before I am stuck with a broken car
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