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Originally Posted by stang93mustang View Post
Good starting point for the rear. If the car is spinning right off the line loosen by 1 click in the rears. Front starting point should be at 2 or 3 for a starting point. You want them as loose ass possible but not too loose.

Mustang Adjustable Drag Shocks | Strange Engineering

RPM's need to be higher crossing the stripe.....sounds to me like you are short shifting. Let them build up and shift quick.

Do you have any video.....maybe I could try and help more. Very hard at this point w I thought being there.
ad shocks - great, thank you very much!

"..Let them build up and shift quick..."
what do you mean? (I am sorry about my english..)
Do you mean that I should stert to learn, how to shift without the clutch (power shifting?)

ad video:
only thost two from Saturday, sorry about the quality:
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