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Originally Posted by Rogan01 View Post
My Dear - If you are concerned about long term reliability, in my opinion, keep the Audi. Or get a mazda/honda or other Japanese car. A Corvette or Camaro maybe. These Ford 5.0s are good for maybe 37k miles at best before the tick renders them inoperable - read the 50+ page threads where engines have been replaced. Yeah - right after the warranty expires unfortunately Until then, you would need to drive it hard and turn the radio up or get loud exhaust! My wife has a hyundai sonata turbo and no tick. My father in law has a Honda Accord with almost 3 million miles on it! Too many of these dang Mustangs on the road already IMHO. 370z forever!!!! Best Wishes.
What an incredibly stupid post. The idea of modestly priced Chevy product like a Corvette or Camaro as any more reliable than a modestly priced Ford is nothing short of a JOKE!!

If the reliability experience with Japanese cars like Accords is any can bet that the primary reason is found in how they are driven......The epitome of a "A" to "B" point car if there ever was one. My guess is the vast of Accords have never seen their Red line. Any car so very BASIC and BORING is very likely to outlast any car that sees spirited driving.

Today all cars, from all manufactures should easily make 100,000 miles nearly worry free for the big stuff......many will see 200,000 or more.......but to get there they all need maintenance and a reasonable expectation/consideration from the driver concerning how his own driving habits can interfere with these goals.

Go won't be as much fun but BEAT THE CRAP out of an Accord with Power shifts at the track on a regular basis......see if it does any better than a Mustang, Camaro or guess is it wouldn't.

But would we ever get the data on that one accumulated.....the vast majority of Accords are purchased by the "A" to "B" crowd.......boring car for boring people.

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