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Originally Posted by doubleg View Post
I bought new wheels (black fr500's, 20x8.5 & 20x10, rear/45mm offset) and plan on running 255/25/20's in the front, but I would like to have a little more meat on the ground then the suggested tire size of 275/35/20. To get the diameter pretty close it looks like a will need to run a 295/30/20 on the rear, but thats a pretty short sidewall and im afraid of bending the rim if hit a good size pothole on accident. I live in St. Louis and the roads are not horrible, but their not exactly great either. I just dont want to bend a wheel since it appears that you cant buy them any longer from AM. What are your opinions.

Much appreciated..
Your concern for pinch flats, bent rims, and apparent wheel non-availability is well taken . . . strike 1

A 255/25-20 tire isn't anywhere near big enough (in terms of load capacity) for any S197 Mustang. A Miata or a BRZ, maybe . . . strike 2

Need I continue?


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