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The car already comes with a CAI.....if you want an aftermarket for looks, ok, for increased flow, PR material only and no-one can show any HP/TQ/MPG gains from a simple (CAI only) install....especially when you request they eliminate the 5% deviation that all dyno mfg state. The quad exhaust......IMHO, go visit your local muffler shop...IMHO, most all of the aftermarket parts/systems that are highly touted sound like crap.......over-priced tin boxes......but, the Ford GT500 mufflers while expensive do sound excellent and Allied resonators (been around for 40+ years) are available nationwide at any muffler shop and sell for $50-$80 each.........great sound, flow just like any performance muffler and last......been used in our family for 40+ years......just had the internals of one fail on my wifes car.......19 years old...not too shabby at all.

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