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Same problem

Originally Posted by DanTDM View Post
sounds like the dumbest decision I ever made, just bought a 2016 V6 and guess what.. vibrations between 65-80mph. the vehicle has 800 miles on it now, and the dealer service department acts as if they don't know anything any such problem. after driving a Camry for 7 years, this mustang is such a disappointment. For all the guys calling this as normal, drive any other vehicle for a week and then drive a mustang, you will see the difference.

Now that I got my frustration out of me, How can I make daily drive to office a little better ? I will never do a drag race or cross 75mph on this vehicle. I just need my 45 mins drive at 70mph vibration free. Please advise

Going through the same thing with my 2016 Ecoboost... The dealer is trying to make me believe this is a normal thing for this car... I will not except that and the car is still at the dealer... will update if something comes up...
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