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Originally Posted by noldevin View Post
I'm with Norm on this one, your tires need to fit the wheels properly or you are, at best, wasting extra money on a bigger tire that doesn't fully contact the ground. Far too many mustang people squeeze tires that are too big onto smaller wheels.

Some of the advice happening in here is mind blowingly wrong. A staggered car will not handle better. You'll understeer at the limit. You'll burn through tires more often (yes you really will, there's a reason Michelin halves their tire warranty if you do staggered sizes). You'll sacrifice braking grip if you have good enough brakes to engage ABS...

If you aren't buying wheels, simply buy the largest tire that will -correctly- fit (8 - 235, 8.5 - 245, 9 - 255, 9.5 - 265-275, 10, 275-285, etc.). If you have all the same size wheels, get all the same size tires.
Ok. Sounds like you know a lot about this subject. Based on your kind input and advice I will now stick with the stock 255/40/19s all around on my 9" wheels as replacements. No need to take chances just to "look cool" You have changed my mind and my order and install was set for Tuesday for 255s in front and 275s in back on my track pack. This was actually at the Ford dealer and they said it was ok!!! Thank you for stopping me in time from this big mistake. Was looking forward to those 275s though... oh well... it be what it be...

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