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Originally Posted by Twitchin Kitten View Post
2014 GT 5.0
13,700K miles
Buying a muscle car and expecting a good quality interior is like walking into a Chinese takeaway and requesting a Cabernet Sauvignon...if they did have some it's not gonna be good. That's the case with a Mustang and good interiors.

The mustang is a "low cost for high power" solution. They keep the price down by skimping on the interior and quality of materials. The interior is lacking quality even on the newer cars including the GT350.

I've seen people on here complain about the rear seats not being leather. The faux leather is actually more durable than the real leather so I like it.

I just cleaned my plastic doors and they look as good as new. Didn't have those marks you have but it's worth a try with some Turtle Wax Interior Protectant and a toothbrush-to get between the tiny grooves.

If you want power with plush leather and quality interiors go European-BMW, Merc etc. but expect to pay for the difference.
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