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Originally Posted by Gt350HR View Post
+1 With your combination it "should" be better to launch at a lower rpm. It will as stang93mustang mentioned, flash higher from the lower rpm than if it is "hard stalled" like you are doing. BUT to work right the carburetor jetting and squirters must be right or it could stumble as it transitions from part to full throttle. This will also affect your reaction time to the tree. To improve the under 2,700 rpm performance , you could advance the cam 2 or 4 degrees. This will help that area and possible the overall performance as well.
Do you mean ignition timing? If I'm pulling it apart to re-degree the cam, it's coming out. The cam was in the motor already when I got the car. As far as I know, it was installed straight up. I'm already running light springs in the HEI so the curve is pretty short. (Yes, I'm running an high performance GM style HEI for simplicity) total timing is 36 and it's all in by 2000 or so. I upgraded the squirters after an EPIC lean backfire so the power valve got replaced and upgraded as well. Jetting seems fine by color on the plugs.
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