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Average Joe and his 300 whp 79-04 daily driver and or street use Mustang.

It seems like in the last 3 years or so there has been an influx of guys trying to make 500+ horsepower no matter what year model they and no matter their budget. I think that the fact that the new mustangs are starting with 400 some odd crank hp and there are quite a few magazine articles that state something like, "make 600 hp the easy way!" and all they do is add a $7k supercharger kit. They make it sound so easy but I think Average Joe with who owns a '79-'04 mustang is over-looking a few things that is clouding their judgement on horsepower "needs" and goals.
First and foremost I'm willing to go out on the limb here and say that the cost to reach 500 hp is almost always way more than Joe can ever afford. I say this because I'm betting if Joe could afford to do so then he'd probably be starting out with a newer car that is starting out with more power.
The second thing that Joe is over-looking is that there aren't going to be an abundance of new 500+ hp mustangs on the road quite yet to warrant "needing" 500 hp to be relevant and competitive on the street or occasional strip use. My line of thinking behind this is because it's kinda hard for lower to middle Middle Class Average Joe to be able to swing payments on a $40k+ car and still have the disposable income to drop $7k at once on a toy. So that would mean the majority of the new mustangs that are starting with 400 some odd crank hp are probably only making anywhere from 360-380 rwhp depending on bolt-ons and such.
The third think that Average Joe 79-04 Mustang is over looking is that their cars are lighter than the new ones that are starting out with 400 hp, and it doesn't take 500 hp to be able to hang with the majority of anything that one will run across during day to day life. All it really takes is a little bit over 300 rwhp. A 300 rwhp Fox and SN95 are capable of 12 second 1/4 miles and how often are you going to run across an 11 second car on the way to work or even at the local track when they run "test and tunes" and whatnot?

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