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Sport Setting

Originally Posted by MasterX View Post
Car 3 was either a little different from Car 1, or i missed on noticing something on the shifter, the Sport Setting. WOW what a difference that little setting makes. 95 by the bottom of the short onramp, and before i even realized it we had passed 5 exits. Hammering into the gas at any speed it pulled like a rocket no matter where the RPM was. Completely different experience.
Yes, the Coyote V-8 works nicely with the six-speed 6R80E Automatic. This is a quote I saved from off the internet (I do not remember where from) of someone describing the "Sport Setting" on the transmission:

"This transmission really gives the car two distinct personalities and the distinction between the two is fantastic in my opinion. In Normal/Drive the car is quiet, comfortable, easily to putt around town in, and handles highway driving with ease. It provides decent gas mileage on longer cruises and again is very reserved. However once you shift it down in to "S" and use the Sport mode, the car comes alive like some sort of snarling monster. The car growls at you as you take the corners, or cruise through different speeds on back country roads. It "barks" at you when you slow down from 60 - 0 at a red light as the engine braking engages, almost as if the car is upset with you for stopping and always tries to keep the revs right near the sweet spot for optimum throttle response.

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