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5.0 coyote vs 4.6 engine feel

Originally Posted by ghunt View Post
Unfortunately that will never happen due to today's safety regs and all the electronic doodads that come standard on every car now. Cars are bigger just because of the added safety features they have to have.

And that will never happen because it would be a very niche market...Ford now seems to be only catering standalone products like the GT350 toward that sort of niche market. Plus there's really no such thing as a "stripped" base model now as even the base models have standard features that were optional on most cars even 15 years ago.

Hell, it's been 21 years since the GTS was offered and they've really done nothing similar since then.

They offer a "stripped down model," the GT350R. But it's even more expensive than the GT350. I bet they sell like 5 of them..

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