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Originally Posted by ghunt View Post
Well, that is what I said...though even the GT350R isn't as stripped down as the GTS and old base model LX's were. Still has power windows, power locks, but it doesn't have, according to Ford's website, "Rear seat, rear view camera, air conditioning, auxiliary gauges, floor mats, tire inflator and sealant kit, audio system, SYNC and USB port." So that's pretty stripped for a 2017 model. You can add the sync and audio stuff right back on as an extra cost option though.

Don't they only have an allotment of one GT350R per dealership or something? And of course every dealer that gets one wants $20-30K over sticker, or more. Bah.

I watched Motor Weeks review on the GT350 and it's actually more stripped down than the lx or gts was. It doesn't come with a radio or "infotainment" stuff or a backup camera or a back seat. However, the stereo and backup camera can still be added as options. They said the starting price for the stripped down gt350r was around $69k but dealer mark up will put them closer to six figures.

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