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Everybody's different. What I like is not going to be what the next guy likes, but it doesn't matter to me what the rest of the car guys think, I like the 05-08's for a lot of reasons. The styling works for me. There's enough power to make me happy, and the exhaust sound is fantastic. I know the 5.0s are faster, but if you have one of those, there's always some other guy with a faster car. So what? With today's traffic and enforcement, you can hardly use it anyway.

Now, if I was racing, different ballgame.

And by the way, you can now find a decent 07-09 GT for a fairly reasonable price. Like someone already posted, I'll get another car one of these days, and it will be a low mileage, enthusiast-maintained 2015 or 2016. I expect it will cost me half what the first buyer paid for it. Hopefully, I can make the exhaust rumble like my 3V.


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