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Originally Posted by SteelerCountry View Post
This is a question for people that know more about cars than me.

I have an 2009 gt and love it. I've driven a 2014 GT and a 2015 GT and both times I was left underwhelmed.

I can't quite pit my finger on it. My 2009 screams when I get on it. The coyote is faster but seems soulless. Could it be the power band, the transmission, the sound of it. It just seems so controlled. I'm probably biased, but I want to love the 5.0.

What do you all think it might be? Does anyone know what I mean?
I agree. After test driving a 2012 5.0 that had some mods, I still like the sound and feel of my 2010 GT better. Don't get me wrong, I like the 5.0, I just think the 05-10 GTs feel a bit more raw compared to the refined feel of the 5.0.

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