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Originally Posted by ohlang View Post
Any one with experience with Steeda Tune on a 2016 GT Automatic? I'm currently running a Lund tune and it has issues. I've listed the likes and dislikes below. Please comment regarding Speeda Tune on any of these areas mentioned below. Need to mention that the Lund tune is supposedly based off the 2015 model and I believe because of this, some unintended side effects are present in 2016 model with automatic transmission.

Lund tune likes:
1. Car feels lighter.
2. Paddle shifts are noticeably responsive and quicker.
3. WOT shifts are very firm (too firm unfortunately in 1-2).
4. Quick off the line without brake rev'ing.
5. Automatic downshifts are quicker (the actual shifts are, not necessarily the response time in WOT scenarios).

Lund tune dislikes:
1. 1-2 WOT shift is way too firm, makes the car go sideways (correctable for normal mode)
2. 1-2 WOT shift in sport mode shifts earlier than what they intended and shift is still way too firm. They can't seem to fix either issue.
3. WOT shifts done at 7250rpm (above exception).
4. In automatic mode, rolling WOT lag is still present for the most part (the pedal is floored, followed by too long of a pause imo, then the downshift).
they should be able to fix all that fairly easy. If they really cant, datalog your car and send it to shaun at AED and let him take a look.

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