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Originally Posted by itamoo View Post
So a bit of an embarrassing confession, my current commute record is 19 minutes 25 seconds in my old taurus. My mustang has pulled off 20 and 21 minutes respectively without too much effort. My goal is to hit a sub 18 minute commute time. On a commute that on clear days my GPS tells me should take 32 minutes. If I hit a more than one light or some traffic those times are out the window.

If it was all highway I could just do 90 the whole way and do it in 17.5 the issue becomes the fact that a few to half the miles depending on route are 45 mph with lights. (The record was actually done on the 45 mph heavy route and involved a section of over 100 mph).

It was still done in a Ford but how can I best it with my pony car so I don't bring shame to mustangs everywhere.

Personally I like to take my time commuting to and from work in my horse.
I consider it spending quality time with the thing I love most. As far as beating
your best time a 19 .5 min commute is short compared to my 45 enjoyable min
cruise to work. Take your time enjoy the ride. You could be racing to an early grave.

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