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2017 Mustang GT performance pack daily driver mpg

First and foremost this is the only car that I've ever purchased brand new from the lot, I got it financed for 35K (~39K otd) with the performance pack, electric blue, manual transmission non premium. I was planning to buy this car next year but the dealer took in my motorcycle as a down payment so I was like okay let's do it then. Plus I got the X-plan deal without an X-plan.

- Driving in San Francisco city about 95% city/5% freeway, I kid you not I was getting about 12.7 mpg
- So far I've driven about 5000 miles since the moment I bought my car i brand new 0 miles and I've spent about 700-800 dollars in gas alone, you do the math.
- It usually takes about 40$ dollars to fill up an empty tank with 91 premium gas at a cost of more or less 2.89$ per gallon
- I fill up my tank about 3-5 times a week.
- I've owned my baby for a little over one month

Driving impressions:
- Feels really strong and surprisingly stable
- Surprisingly stable because the car feels slightly big and a little tall.
- It almost feels as if I was floating down the road
- You can burn tire even with the traction control on
- I like having the ability to change steering feeling at the touch of a button
- Having cruise control is also a plus on the freeway
- Breaking with the performance pack feels pretty safe even in the rain
- Overall tire grip is phenomenal, one time I pushed my car really hard going up a turning ramp merging into a freeway and it feel like I was riding a roller coaster. Plenty of grip and lots of hp thrusting the vehicle while turning.
- When the tires are cold they can spin easily in 1st gear, this isn't hazardous since traction control kicks in when things get kind of crazy. It should be noted that I like to spin off my tires on purpose, this doesn't happen when you drive like a civilized human being.
- Needless to say passing other vehicles on the freeway is a breeze.
- I haven't had the chance to take it to a drag strip but when accelerating the car feels pretty stable and a little tamed compared to the early 2000's mustangs.

I ran out of time to write today but I hope you find this post informative. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer))

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