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Code P2198 2005 V6

So, I figured I would post on a forum because I'm a sick of dealing with the shop in my town. lol

My check engine came on a couple months ago, I scanned the code and it was P2198. I asked my uncle about it and he said that I might not have to change my O2 sensor it might be something else. So I took it to the shop and the guy scanned it and then told me to come back when the light comes on again. So not long later it came back on, so I went back. He ran injector cleaner through the gas tank and said if it comes on again to come back. Well, it came on again. So I went back, he scanned it, told me to come back if it comes on again. It did and I went back. This happened a couple more times and then I said **** it, this is a waste of my time.

At one point there was another code that came up. I forget the number but it was bank 1 sensor 1, along with P2198 bank 2 sensor 1. The check engine light is on again and I don't feel like going back to the shop that is going to scan the code, clear it, and send me on my way. The code right now is P2198.

So, now I'm stuck on what to do and I need a little help :P

Ps. The guy at the shop told me I most likely won't have to change them..

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