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I went to several local tire shops and after I was done, I felt like my day was wasted and I wanted to choke someone lol.
The cheapest I could go was $850 for 4 tires, mounted, and balanced.

I did some research and I decided to stick with Federal tires. I used to have the Federal 595 (ss 595) tires on my 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T and they were nice tires. I actually ran the front tires so low that they needed replacement but I never replaced them and I had no issues, and once my transmission went out, I took the car to the dealership and pawned it off on them and got my 14 Mustang.... but I digress.

So for about $540 I got all four Federal 595 delivered. Of course I had to pay $25 a tire for mounting and balancing blah blah.... so for around $650ish I had four new tires and I am happy.

They are summer performance tires but they do great in the rain and not bad in snow. These tires don't sound loud, grip like a mother, and I am very happy. I had the pirelli tires that came with the car ( stock tires from factory I assume) and I could slam gears and chirp the tires with the pirelli tires, but with these Federal 595s.... I can still chirp a little but I have much better grip.

So in conclusion, I have Federal tires, I am happy, they are about $100 ea. on simpletireDOTcom and expect to pay about $30 per tire for shipping. Tires are made in Taiwan but that doesn't mean jack to me, the quality is good, the company has experience, and the price is good.

I have had my car for 6 months and I only managed to put 3800 miles on it. I drive 400 miles a month and I don't bun out or do anything crazy.... so these tires will last me a long time... I hope.

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