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Originally Posted by pdogg74 View Post
Hello and yes I four am jumping on the SLP BAND WAGON. I own a MACH1 4.6 DOHC with stock headers and mid-H pipe and my SLP cat-back exhaust sounds really good. When I get my BBK long tube headers and BBK catted hi-flo H-pipe, I may switch them to SLP 2 so it can keep that deep throating sound. Because you have aftermarket H-pipe and headers the exhaust restriction is less meaning more flow of air is out and you may want to go to SLP2. I did 5 months of research, listening to youtube exhaust clips, American Muscle exhaust clips, price and trolling (not in a bad way) as many mustang forums and threads on the subject. I finally concluded that SLP was the best brand to buy, due to price, sturdiness, SOUND, the interchangeable mufflers (SLP/SLP2/SLP FLOWS I think is the name) and last but not least looks. Good luck and FYI do your homework on catback exhaust and midpipes, some combos from what I read in the different threads of various forums are not good combos. Let us all know what you finally choose.
I'll definitely update this thread. I'm pretty undecided between Borla Stingers and SLP LM2...

I was driving around today and though "man, I wish my exhaust was LOUD!!" Which it could be if I wanted LM1 in for a bit and then switch to LM2s when I get sick of it...I will probably go SLP but nothing beats the Borla Stingers on our cars...first world problems.

I'm waiting for my yearly bonus to come in before I pull the trigger.

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