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Originally Posted by Nelsoncp21 View Post
I wanted to get some opinions from some more experienced mustang owners. I bought my 2.3L turbo in Aug with 4k miles on it. It was a dealer demo. I now have 13k miles on it and have noticed for the past month or so that when I first start and pull the vehicle out the brakes are squeaking then it goes away. I've also noticed when it's damp outside whether from rain or going through a car wash that the brakes stick a little at first. I mentioned all this to the dealership for them to investigate when I had the car in for maintenance this past weekend. The dealership said they checked the brakes and everything is fine. Said the squeaking might just be some light rust or buildup coming off when I first start out after sitting a few hours. No explanation for the sticking though.
To me this seems like BS as the vehicle is very young and should not be acting this way already. I commute around 70 miles round trip everyday mostly highway so I would think if anything the brakes would be in better condition then similar cars of the same mileage. Your thoughts?
I know this isn't what you want to hear, BUT it has to be said unfortunately... I am sure you may already know, but dealer loaner and dealer demo cars are much like rental cars they take one hell of a beating. So with that I am sure the brakes were used a good bit more in those 4K miles than one would think with normal personal ownership and driving habits. As almost every one of those 4K miles were people doing just what the car was in service for and that is demoing it to see just what the car could do since it is a sportscar. Demo cars are used by the dealers to sell cars. Then encourage people to beat on them and have fun so they can sell them the car when they get back to the dealership...

So with all that said I would check the pad life and see what that is as they could be near replacement. I would strongly doubt that it is near replacement as it only has 13K miles, but who knows. As far as sticking I know I had this issue right after I replaced my brakes and on my 06 GT you have to reset the brake piston. So maybe that needs adjustment/reseting not sure how it all works on newer cars and if the same. Does that car ever feel like the brakes are dragging after pulling away from lights? A good way to know is by smell or feeling your wheels after a long drive. If the wheels are hot then your brakes may be dragging. Park on a slight incline and have in natural does the car free roll easy?

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