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Another reason I like rear wheel drive cars

Well it's a good thing my winter car, 2003 Dodge Stratus, barely made it past the snow falling before it broke again, not a big fan of Chrysler products and this will be the last one I own, had it for 2 years and it's always something. Was able to get the Mustang out to get to work, she's been sitting under a car cover for 5 months, cranked twice and fired right up.
So coming home from work on the interstate the Stratus dies, open the hood and see a piece of timing belt sticking out from between the covers, so I'm not getting this running here, call for a tow.
I spent my Saturday working on it, guess what I find. As I take off the inner fender shield the alternator a/c belt tensioner pulley falls on the ground. Apparently the bolt holding it on disappeared, causing the belt to grenade with the pulley in the mix mangling the lower timing belt cover to allow pieces of the belt to get wrapped around the crank gear, clogging all the notches allowing timing belt to slip. Belt was still on but some what damaged.
So after about 9 hours draining and moving coolant and power steering hoses, motor mounts, pulleys etc,etc , squeezing my hands into tight places and some cussing it lives again.
Thinking of getting and older V6 Mustang or Camaro for my next winter car soon.

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