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What's cheaper and easier - a new caliper and/or rubber flex line; or taking time off work and away from things you'd rather be doing, plus whatever costs the court process (and it sounds like you've consulted with an attorney as well) involves?

I'm not being critical of the path it sounds like you're taking, but for me personally I would rather persue the simplest and least expensive option, which sounds like either a new flex line or caliper, or both. I find in life that most things are only as complicated as we allow them to become. Taking some schmuck to court over this just strikes me as overly complicated, that's all. You can let the car sit in the garage for the next however many months while playing the legal equivalent of Axis vs. Allies, or you can spend less than $200 and an hour of your time and in the opinions of myself and most others in this thread have the brake issue fixed and be out enjoying your car. Also keep in mind that suing and collecting are two entirely different things; last thing you want is to obtain is a judgement and then the guy cries financial hardship before the judge and ends up sending you $20 a month until the judgement is satisfied. I feel for ya, I know you're a little pissed and feel like the guy bamboozled you - and maybe he did, but I can't help but feel that there's a more efficient and beneficial outcome to this that persuing it legally. But if it makes you happy, then go for it I guess.

If it were me, and since there are two "most likely" causes to your braking issue, I would start with the least expensive one - the rubber flex line. I know it's a little bit of a gamble for you and I'm always the first one here to advise against throwing parts at one's car, but sometimes all you can do is make a well educated guess.

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