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Originally Posted by Heavy Armor View Post
Hey guys. I did a search for this and didn't find anything, but I may have overlooked it.

How difficult is it to install an aftermarket stereo in the S197? I got mine with the base 4 speaker stereo because I knew I wanted something other than factory. I already have the technical printouts for the stereo removal, but sometimes things that look simple on paper become royal pains in the real world.

So, for anyone that's already done this, how much effort am I looking at for a radio install? I'm ordering from Crutchfield, so I'll have all the necessary conversion pieces. Just curious about the center console and dash removal.

Thanks a bunch!

It is pretty easy to install the radio! In fact, it took me longer to solder/heat shrink all my connections to the Crutchfield supplied harness than it did to install the radio AND rear deck speakers. If you want it to go even faster, check to see if they make a "Master Harness" for whatever radio you intend to purchase. Basically the Master Harness is 2x the cost of a regular harness, BUT, it is simply plug and play with no connections to solder!

The only tricky part I had was removing the connector on the passenger side for the AC switch panel controls. I purchased my car used, and when I flipped the lever up, the radio would not come out. Well, the prior owner must have returned it back to stock because that lever was broken and didn't unlatch the other side (the side I couldn't see). I spent 10 minutes scratching my head over that one before I finally figured it out.

Maybe I will buy a 2016 Mustang GT, maybe not...
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