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Do you drag race? If so how is traction now? If it's hard to come by 3.73's will be even worse. I have a '95 w a v3 with 3.73's. It's very hard to get off the line with street tires. With the 3.73's I'm into boost (3k rpm) pretty much as soon as I go wot. The "torque hit" comes on strong and fast and if you don't work the clutch and throttle "just so" it'll either bog or spin through 3rd gear. If you get it just right it's fairly quick. I'm not making gobs of power or anything, 334 ft lbs is all. But with 3.73's and street tires it's hard to lay it down because it comes all at once. I finish the 1/8 mile redlining 3rd (around 6k rpm) at a little over 80 mph. I often wish I would've went with 3.27/3.31's instead of the 3.73's. I think it'd be a little easier to live with and I don't think I'd be that much slower.
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