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Originally Posted by nowerelsetoroam View Post
Alright according to the tag on the diff I've got 3.27 gears. I don't drag race I mostly just use the car for daily driving, rarely get a roll race in, but definitely plan to use this car for some road racing or autocross. I didn't think 3.73s would make 3rd redline around 80. I've redlined my car in 2ND before up to almost 75 and I liked it
Yeah when it was stock with 2.73 gears it would do 70 in second but it took much longer to get their of course. Now it's 80ish in 3rd, 115-120ish in 4th, top speed is now in 5th but unknown. I've had it up to 130 and it was still pulling and had plenty of rpm left to go. Highway cruising is loud and around 2,500.
The 3.73's might be pretty decent for autocross, you could probably run the whole race in 2nd. What kind of power are you making? Do you start getting "into boost" around 3k?
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