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Other drivers or is it me?

I mostly live on my own little planet. Where nothing really aggravates me too much. 99% of my driving to work and from and chores is on my big Yamaha. Every once in a while the weather sucks, or I'm going somewhere with my Girl friend (she isn't riding right now) so i take my car or her car. Are drivers getting less courteous and dumber? I'm finding that lane changes and sudden stops are occurring more frequently and for no apparent reason. I don't see cell phones in all these cases just general disregard for the cars around them. I also find the the modern 30 something soccer mom type drives her escalade or other big ass suv like it the Coralla she had when she was in high school. Whipping around parking lots, changing lanes multiple times to gain one space in traffic at the light and so on. Also what happened to the old truism slower traffic keep right? So often it doesn't even seem odd anymore three lanes wide and the guy in right lane doing 2 miles under the limit guy in center doing the limit guy in the left doing one or two mile over the limit 100 cars backed up behind them, and someone dares to blow a horn, its either the one finger salute or all three cars slow down!

I remember a comedian said that we all should get dart guns with suction cup darts with a little flag that says stupid. When a car collects 3 or more flags a cop then pulls them over and gives them a ticket. 6 or more flags pull them over over and take their car. 10 flags and pull them over and smack some sense into them.


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