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Originally Posted by Zeusifer View Post
I recently purchased a 2017 Mustang GT PP base model and came across some premium leather seats for a cheap price. If I were to buy the seats, I am wondering if this would be a complete form, fit and function replacement, minus the heating and cooling feature in the premium seats. I would presume the connector(s) and wiring would be the same, but minus the premium heating and cooling control wires.

Also, assuming everything is OK to replace, I am wondering if there would be a way to utilize the heating and cooling via a new display module. I was interested in replacing the 4.2" display in the base model with some type of aftermarket 8" display. I have currently been looking at: Mustangnav001 - Moddiction Mustang Navigation kit - Moddiction,

I thought I would stop by and see if anyone else has had some similar experience with this sort of thing.

That link is to add GPS navigation to an existing 8-Inch screen. If you want to change the screen from 4 to 8 it's like 2000 from that person. I've been trying to find info on swapping some things from a premium version to the base model with pp but haven't found any info on it.

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