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Suction cups, paintball guns? Personally I would prefer a bazooka....

Completely agree with you guys though. I commute to DC everyday from N VA and it gets worse everyday with the complete ignorance and disregard for other drivers. VA just passed a new law though to ticket people in the left lane if they obstruct the flow of traffic in the left lane and don't move over. As soon as they passed it I noticed a difference mainly the commuter buses stopped riding in the left lane which was the biggest back up causing issue. Now they just need to ticket a few of these other self centered clueless drivers coasting in the left lane. To me it's not about how fast you drive it's about how your affecting other drivers. If your holding up traffic it doesn't matter what speed you are going or they are going you move over out of courtesy. And waiting till the last second to hit an off ramp or not knowing what merge means when using on ramps is my second source of rage.

Bazooka man. I just need a bazooka to rid the world of the problem ?
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