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Maybe the guy going the limit in the left lane right beside another car and blocking drove the same route a few minutes ago in the opposite direction and knows there's a well concealed photo radar placement waiting for you. Before you salute him be sure this isn't the case.

And that soccer mom who gave you the salute? Before returning the favor check that you didn't leave your Starbucks coffee on your roof.

Even when witnessing the worst in people it helps to hope for the best.

Except for that dink in the crappy old Toyota that screwed me over on the freeway yesterday. He deserved and promptly received the finger. No mistake about that one. Nope, no mistake there.

I think people wrongly believe that if they are going the speed limit, no one can say anything to them about their speed or lane choice. Also, have you ever sat in a huge line up for what feels like forever to find there is an accident and flashing lights in the distance ahead? You stew about the drivers who slow down excessively to gawk and crane and won't get on with it. They have waited their turn to gawk and they darn well won't rush the gawk. Full gawk value demanded and gotten!

As a sub-question to subsequent posters. Are you a gawker or do you get on with it?

I usually get on with it but if it's something really spectacular (maybe involving nudity or really improbably placed vehicles post accident) I have on occasion been guilty of gawking. Not often, but it has definitely happened.

All the best.

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