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Originally Posted by UUUd444 View Post
Hmmmmm..........where to start?

Firstly, I'm sure all of us should congratulate and thank Mike for using his 'giant erect penis' to come out in support of the lesbian community. I'm sure they will welcome support for their cause from any quarter. It is heart warming seeing solid citizens leaving the safety of their figurative closets and coming out like that.

I am from Canada, so I may not be the best to answer the civil war stuff. I guess it couldn't hurt to point out the really obvious. The confederate flag, which recently has received so much attention and has been conspicuously removed from many institutions has a proud and definite place in history. As a symbol, however, it has been co-opted by perhaps the most disgusting group of humans. The bigots and racists who believe that color of skin or religious affiliation make some superior to others. Surely, as you have pointed out, we should condemn and disregard such symbols and the people who embrace them.

You should maybe attempt to draw a line, however, so that you are not indiscriminately condemning everything and everyone. Good and bad alike. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the difference. Even your president sometimes has a hard time. And he's a billionaire with lots of highly paid advisors. Who can figure that one out?

I commend your efforts to support the downtrodden. It would not surprise me in the least should CNN send Don Lemon, who is both African American and openly gay to interview you live and open the minds of those less enlightened than yourself.

Well done, Mike.

All the best.
Pretty silly right?
See, where does it end? Everyone is offended by something correct? Even if one is not originally offended, they "realize" the offensiveness after someone "hip and cool says, "Hey, that's offensive."
But on a serious note, when did it become acceptable to plunder and pillage at will because someone finds something offensive?
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