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Originally Posted by 90lxwhite View Post
I just had a thought, I'll state it and the let it go.
I'm an Operation Enduring Freedom vet. Let's say hypothetically speaking in 150-200 years the USA became a Muslim nation. I would no longer be a "hero" to my country, I would be a monster.
I don't think of myself as a hero in any sort of way, it is just a term often used to describe old soldiers and what not. Correct?
Also, I am not bashing Muslims or their faith. It just so happens we were fighting a Muslim nation is all. If we were fighting Louisiana I would have used them as an example.
First of all, I, like most people, have great admiration and feel huge debt of gratitude for those who have served. Canada or the USA. After all, I believe we are on the same team. So, thank you for your service.

Luckily, most people have a large enough world view that they will not blame those who served. They will save this for those who were truly responsible for the situation. As we know, Operation Enduring Freedom was an action to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice for the actions on Sept. 11. Of course, in the end it killed tens of thousands of people who had absolutely nothing to do with it while OB Laden lounged in his house in Pakistan. Those who make the decisions then decided to arrange to have the brother of the largest heroin dealer in the entire world become a protected president of Afganistan. Paying him tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Now Karzai was also a muslim, so the fight was clearly not one solely against muslims. He made out rather well. But I guess some people who lost family, etc were probably a bit pissed. Again, they will probably blame the leaders at the time. Not those who were faithfully following orders. So, I think you are okay in this one.

In any case, hopefully in 150 to 200 years neither of us will care what anyone thinks about us.

I visited New Orleans last year. Loved it. I sure hope there isn't something going on down there that will keep us Canadians from being able to go there. Fabulous music, great food... It's awesome. Have they done something that is likely to cause trouble? I sure hope not. The wife and I were thinking of heading that way again this fall. Is Trump mad at them?

Again, thank you and

All the best.

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