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Contrary to all the tests my experience with oiland gauze filters has been very different.

Back in the 70's I raced motorcycle enduros. With a paper filter I could not complete a 100 mile Enduro in in dry dusty conditions without stopping to knock off dirt on the filter because it was plugged to the point the engine would barely run. Also, after one of these runs the intake track from the filter to the carb would have a coating of fine dust like dirt.

K&N was relatively new to the market and I decided to try one. Never had a K&N plug up and even more important there was never a coating of dirt on the intake track, which tells me they do a better job.

The other big advantage in Enduro racing was if a paper filter got wet it would not flow air and you would have to remove it for the remainder of the race. Even after it was dry it would be restrictive enough to not be useable again. The oiled gauze wasn't effected by being wet.

Based on that experience I have been using drop in oiled gauze filters on all my vehicles since the 70s when they were available. I have put mid 200,000s of miles on a number of vehicles with no I'll effects. I have also transfered filters between cars and have accumulated close to 400,000 miles on a single filter.
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