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Wait until you have kids! They will show you how much abuse the hinges (and window mechanisms) can really take...and then you will have grandkids and not care

I think you're good. Door hinges can take a bit of overextension on occasion without damage. What you want to avoid is placing so much pressure on the door hinges that they bend, or the mount pads are set askew (but they are really tough).

I know a guy who had a passenger door hanging open (on his wife's nearly new car) in the garage and kicked the car out of gear causing it to roll backwards...the door scooping up tool cabinet and lawnmower before coming to rest against the garage door jamb. THAT took considerable adjustment and bending the hinges to realign the door...a minor accident on right front a month or two later got it all fixed good as new. I forget how long I was on double top secret probation for that one
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