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285's on 18x10's in the rear?

As I look around online for how I'd like to fix up a 2018 Mustang, I asked OE Wheels about whether or not their 18x9/10 wheel set fits on a 2018 Mustang.... They said yes.

Anyway, I'm not all that interested in ordering a new Mustang with a P-Pack, because the 2015 I tested with it had a pretty noticeable harsh ride. The P-Pack springs were quite tight, and the 19" rims made for a tighter ride as well. So, my idea was to stick to an 18" diameter rim profile like we see on the 2018 base model GT, yet get a wider set for some wider rubber to get a little more traction to the rear for acceleration. A friend of mine drove an older 2015 base model with the stock 18's and 235 tires, and he said whenever he would give it a bit on the on ramps to the highway, it became pretty easy to light those puppies up way too early for what would be expected from a V8 Mustang. Hence, my idea.

Has anyone tried such a setup?

Front - 18x9 with 255/45R-18

Rear - 18x10 with 285/40R-18

The difference in sidewall between the 275's on the P-Pack and 285's on 18" rims is as follows 275/40R19 - 4.3", and the 285/40R18 is 4.5". I'm thinking that extra ~1/4" sidewall might help a smidge. Since total diameter is 27", I could potentially lower the car a half inch for profile. I found that Michelin makes the Sport A/S 3+ in these sizes, and that would be perfect for living here in the Pacific NW, with all the rain and black ice we get in the winter. Yet the 285's in the rear should provide plenty of fun in the summer.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know.

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