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I converted our OEM single cylinder, power brakes to a dual cylinder master cyl, and had a terrible time bleeding the new master cyl.

I finally got it bled by clamping the master in a vise using one of the mounting tabs. BUT, I "rolled" the master cyl in the vice so the output ports were higher. With the master clamped with the rear towards me, I tipped or rolled it clockwise as far as I could without spilling brake fluid out the lower side. This put the output ports a little higher, and the air bubbles came to the high side - nearest the output ports. I had bled the master 3 times and after I rolled the master in the vise, I got more bubbles out.

Now I am not trying to insult your intelligence here, but I am assuming you have little hoses connected to the output ports, and they are putting the fluid back into the reservoir? And you are using a big push rod or big screw driver to push on the back of the master cyl. and pumping many times?

Hope this helps. Dave

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