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Originally Posted by GLOCKer View Post
. . . . I bought some high-temp brake fluid and a vacuum bleeder. . . .

Well, I also need to find something to cap off the brake lines too. . . .
I tried one of those vacuum bleeders and got so frustrated with it that I actually took it back, and bought a pressure bleeder instead. The vacuum bleeder depends on getting a good seal around the bleeder screw and I could never get that to work. I would get bubbles in the line and I couldn't tell if they were actually coming out of the brakes, or just leaking in from the bleeder. In my experience the pressure bleeder worked much better because you don't need a vacuum-tight connection on the bleeder screw. Interested to hear if you have any luck with it.

I never did find anything to cap the lines, but that is a real good idea. A tiny rubber cork/stopper might work; or maybe the caps from the bleeder screws. I'm sure shops must have some way of handling this, but when I asked around, I got "non response" like they did not know what I was talking about; or it was a super-triple-extra trade secret that they did not want to share.

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