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I've been spraying my ride with a 125 shot now for the better part of 3 yrs with no issue. Other than 2 Back fires which were my own fault. She's held up remarkably. I don't think spraying it 1 time without the tune would of done anything. I think I may have had some underlying issues that I didn't know about and tune or no tune it finally gave way. That's my 2nd engine...I bought used with 65k on it and it held up like a champ!! I put another 70-80k miles on it. So I def for my money's worth given the fact of what I was doing with it. If anything it's a testament to how tough those little 2 valves are. I knew this day would come eventually and I'm prepared to do whatever I need to do get my baby to run another day. And I'm gonna spray it again lol
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