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Choose your next engine wisely. Take the complete conditions of the donor car into consideration. It's kinda funny but if the car is shinny, and the interior is in good shape, but the car was just in a wreck. Odds are that the engine was taken care of. I love old people crown vic's, town car's, merc's ect.. I know these cars are heavier, but 9 out of 10 times they were driven easy peasy. Try to stay away from the police cars, these poor cars get the sh** driven out of them. Of course find the lowest millage you can. See if you can get a 30 day warranty if it's from a shop. If its from an individual, don't pay to much unless you have absolutely flawless proof it runs. Sorry for your misfortune bro. Good luck finding another engine. If you was close to Kentucky I would say come on, I've got an extra one w/ 72k.
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