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Hey bro, I wish you all the best luck. I will give you a option to think about. My 97 sit for 4 years while I was in the service, so the block cracked. It still ran too lol. Anyways, I started looking around for engines in my neck of the woods, but couldn't find one worth having. I have a good friend thats a general manager at advance auto, he spoke of a brand of remanufactured engines called ATK/Spartan. I looked them up to see what all they did to the engine. They magnaflux everything, deck the heads, block, line bore, bore the cylinders via torque plate, 3 angle valve job, valve guides, all new timing components, seals. They are dry run from ATK/Spartan. It's a long block, so heads, timing cover and oil pan is installed. All you need is intake, valve covers, coolant pipe under the intake, and of course all your front accessories. My car runs great, and never had any issues. I know it's only a npi, but I would put it up against any npi that's not extremely modified. I've actually took down 3 pi cars, 1 auto, and 2 5-speeds, boy they was shocked. I can only imagine how a fresh pi would run like from them, from any good engine builder for that matter. It took 5 days for my engine to come in. With my engine as the core, I ended up paying $2,700. I feel that I got my $ worth. It runs so good I really don't want to swap on the new heads I've got at the engine shop. I've thought about taking my new cams and just running my nextec springs w/ +60 retainers, but that's another topic for another day. Let us know if we can help you anymore bro.
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